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Music Notes, Liverpool

About this website provides:

  • On-line shopping and credit-card security
  • Powerful database searching
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This new site uses the scripting language PHP to interact between your browser and our online database. Web pages are generated "on the fly" as you browse, depending on your preferences.

Information from the MySQL database can be selected, presented and re-ordered in the twinkling of an eye. The many tables in the database hold details of all the titles, their composers, editors, arrangers, authors and artists, the instrumental categories they appear under, instrumentation, reviews and more...

This site is hosted by, the internet arm of Spartan Press. HighlandHost now presents a varied portfolio of websites including self-catering holidays, folk fiddling and Nintendo hand held games!

If you have any ideas, comments, criticisms or thoughts (good, bad or ugly)
PLEASE DO contact us NOW!

Music Notes
4, North John Street (off Lord Street)
L2 4SA


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